Insurance Claim

Sometimes pictures just 'appear' on my least it is digital instead of film! By the way this is Tavin, acting goofy. I thought I'd add my remarks with his photo.

The insurance company has made a claim on our van. Tearsa had a car in the parking lot at school hit the van, doing damage on the door & side panel. (see blog of 2 weeks ago for car photo). It's nice when it isn't your fault, but it would be nice if the insurance people showed some compassion. The damages (and with used parts at that!) came to over $3000.00. That was a surprise....but a bigger surprise was how much they decided our 12 year old always reliable van was worth....$1500.00.

I am not sure why they feel we can replace our car for $1500.00, but I am sure that isn't their concern. They did give us a choice, we can keep the van, and get paid $1000.00 or we can give it up and they would pay us $1500.00. We of course are keeping the car, since we need a car. Aaron tells me things like "look, it's like buying the car for $500". But I see it as, "it will cost you $3000.00 to fix, but we will pay you $1000, and you should be happy". I'm sure the car won't always be reliable, it is getting older, but until then, it is reliable, and dented....but it is ours.