Tavin decided it would be 'really cool' to go out and mow the snow. He was thinking he would have lots of white snow blowing out the side of the mower. That did sort of happen, but most of it became a snow/grass clipping ice block under the mower. Last night the snow was coming down, and the wind was blowing so hard, that it wasn't anything like spring. The power even went off a few times! Notice the fact that Tavin is adorned in ski goggles- that is because of the wind & the snow, not for equipment safety! Tilmann too is in ski goggles, due to fast flying snowflakes. Our concern with this weather is the blossoms on the cherry & plum trees. Tilmann is holding a branch of a cherry tree, notice how the flowers are plastered in snow? More snow came during the night and it was 27 degrees when we woke up. Last year we had no fruit....we are crossing our fingers but, it isn't looking too promising for these trees, yet there is still a chance for the apples, they haven't bloomed yet.