Broken Front Teeth

On Saturday Night, we had two wedding receptions to attend...but the children didn't want to go with us. When we got into the car to come home, Aaron notices his cell phone has 9 phone calls from home, we knew there was trouble. We called home and talked with Tearsa. The boys had been out on the trampoline jumping, and Taft had fallen, hitting the frame and broken off teeth. (I had heard it was 4 teeth, and thankfully it was only 2, the top front teeth) I felt so bad that we weren't there to help deal with it, or nearby on the phone...knots just form in my stomach. Aaron calls our dentist & faithful friend, who we just saw at the reception, and asks what to do. If the tooth is broken off to the point that the nerve is exposed, then he needs to work on it now, not later. So he calls Tearsa, and asks her questions. We finally arrive home, and call the dentist again. Taft is in pain, but is also tired. I was thankful that we had Sunday to rest. We arrived at Dr. James P. Hughes office at 7:30 Monday morning for repairs.

Things were easier than I expected, he was able to add some composits to the teeth, instead of capping them. His teeth look just fine, one wouldn't ever notice that something had even happened to them. Tearsa of course on Sunday decided to torment her brother and go around talking like she had a he wouldn't let her take a photo of his teeth. I took these at the dentist office, and you can kind of see that they are broken...but if nothing else, you can feel for Taft. Drey by the way was able to show me the dents his teeth made on the trampoline bar, he also collected the broken teeth parts. If you are ruling out trampolines, I think it would be smart to point out that 'good judgment' is useful. These boys were dressed up in coveralls which they had stuffed with pillows and blankets, so they could be fat. They bounce around like this and think its funny, but it's harder to deal with reflexes, thus the injury.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    My teeth hurt just thinking about this, but I can also picture the boys dressed up with pillows jumping and I'm still laughing!!!:)