O.K. is is HARD enough to find my children while they are dancing, let alone photograph them!
In the above photograph Drey is in the very back by the stage in a white shirt, off the center to the right. He is dancing with Natalie H. who is in braids, a white shirt and a light blue skirt. Did you find him? If so, then I can point out Taft, who is the couple dancing to the left of Drey. Taft is in a dark blue plaid shirt, dancing with a girl who has short hair, white shirt and another light blue skirt.
The boys are dancing a square dance, (also a line dance & two step) Drey is in one square, Taft is in another, but their squares are right next to each other....of course at the back of the stage. In the above photo Drey is in the very center, white shirt, dark hair. He stands out because of his height.
This photo was taken before the event started. Tearsa sang in the choir, which she was also able to watch the whole show. She is on the third row up, sixth person counting from the right to the left. She just got her hair cut shorter, and has her head turned.

One of the best things of the evening was the fact that we were all there! Tearsa, Drey and Taft were performing, and Aaron, I and the two younger boys, Tavin and Tilmann were sitting in the bleachers. Aaron was able to get us front row seats....which weren't too far away from the Prophet! After the show was over Tilmann walked over to where the Prophet was, and stood by his side. I hope he will always remember that.

My mother was also with us, but up higher in the bleachers. I was so grateful that she could come down and watch the event! The whole performance was so amazing!!! I also want to point out that the photos on these Temple Celebration posts were taken by three people. Aaron, with Tearsa's smaller camera, I with Tearsa's larger camera, and my mom with her camera.