Chopping Corn

We have a field of corn across from our house this year. We raised the corn for a neighbor who has a small dairy. Which means when it comes to harvesting it, we don't do a thing! All week long we can hear the trucks go by, and not worry a bit. I say worry because it is a production to get that much corn harvested, and equipment always seems to break down. Instead Aaron is focused on cutting hay.

These photos by the way are from a few years ago, but since the only person who sees them is the computer I thought I would post them.(Besides remember my camera isn't working?) Aaron normally is the one on the corn chopper, so I went out one afternoon rode and took some photos. The top one is on the tops of the tall corn stocks, I was standing on the chopper and was amazed how beautiful the fields were, it is the closest thing around here to a forest.
Here is the old chopper- on the front, the two extending points cuts the stocks and in the middle they feed in then get chopped into small pieces.
Photo of the stocks feeding into the machine.Beautiful long straight rows.

There is an arm which shoots the corn pieces out, into the back of a truck which will drive along side of the corn chopper. Does this look like equipment that might break down....from time to time? But it would surprise you the value, the cost of this equipment!