Let the dancing begin! There were LOTS of dances- which were staged to celebrate the heritage and history of the area. Remember there are 3,200 youth involved in this event, with all kinds of costumes and everything fast pace...they even ran off the stage when their number was over! These photos are just a section of pictures, but not one from each dance...but hopefully it will give you an idea of what happened.
The dances paid tributes to early Native American traditions, pioneers of the west, European and Mexican immigrants who built mines and canals. Also highlighted the Big Band Era, U.s. patriotism, the 1950's and the small town country fair. They even did a dance for the famous Idaho Potato!

On the two above photos with the shovels and pickaxes you can see a screen off to the side. They had large screens on both sides of the stage area, for those too far away to see well. Also they broad casted the event to the stake centers- church buildings, not enough room for everyone to come to the fair grounds.