These are photos from our annual family vacation to Whidbey Island. Not too family of a vacation, since more were home than traveled......they were working with the hay or just plain working. Anyhow I went with the 2 youngest with my mother, who wanted help driving her motor-home home.
On one of the last days that we were on the island, I was walking alone, and noticed on the sidewalk near me, some paper money. Honestly my first thought was that it was fake- since it has colors, (new bills), but I picked it up, and it wasn't.! The total was 4 $50 bills, a $10, $5, & a $1. I faithfully walked up to the police station and filed a report. They had never had such a wad! ($216.00) and I think surprised that I would file a report, instead of just keeping it! Anyhow they had to run a ad in the local paper for a few weeks, 'undisclosed amount etc.' and if it wasn't claimed in 60 days I could check back with them. Well, Finders Keepers Worked! I called and a couple weeks ago, they sent me a money how about that for lucky???
Lucky Dog!
On a bench in front of a hot dog stand- one of these people is mine.

Tide flat in Coupeville- I love the buildings in this town. If you take a closer look these are muscles laying on the flats.
I went into the shop...and this is how they were when I returned...such clowns!
We were on the island earlier this summer, in June.....the flowers were lovely!
Daisies- they are a favorite of mine! The hillsides, roadsides were covered with these happy flowers!
The boys know how much I love daisies so they were showing how much they love them too!

"Lend me your ear..." notice the daisy in it? But look at the beautiful wild field!


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