Plow & Pile!

Snow storm weekend (see below post) This is Monday morning....a snow plow did come out and clear some of the road better....but by 11:00 Aaron gave up on them and took it in his hands to clear some of the real mess. Soon after he started a road grader came. They talked for a while then worked together clearing and cleaning the road up. Aaron spent 3 hours out there- the other man that is some kind of mess! Instead of just piling it up higher by the side of the road, it was moved into a couple of snow piles/hills. School was canceled again....Making it a 5 day weekend ! ( They sent the kids home Thurs. morning due to snow problems & canceled school Fri. & Mon.)Here is Taft standing on the road beside the snow drifted new plowed road. We worried that if the wind picked up- it would all be back in a hurry.
Tilmann climbing the huge pile that was made!Taft on top too! It will be sad to see this all melted! Actually it will be a large mud hole!