Anniversary in Manti

For our anniversary, (19 years) Aaron and I ran away to Utah. Our first stop was at the BYU museum to look at the showing of Minerva Teichert's paintings. I would have love to taken some photos of her work, mostly because their size was so impressive- most were at least 8 feet tall and very wide, kind of like this sign outside- & larger. Her work and colors are beautiful. She painted the world room in the Manti Temple.
The rest of the trip, (we left on Wednesday coming home on Saturday) was spent in the Manti Temple. It was just breath -taking beautiful. (finished in 1888) This is where we were married. The first night we attended a session, the power went out....we used dim lights from a generator. The second day it snowed....a total of 8 inches by the time we came out. It was wonderful to be in such a peaceful place.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    The Manti temple really is beautiful. And I love Minerva Teichert's paintings too. She donated one to our stake (because she once lived here) and it is hanging in our Primary Room. It's the one with Christ and the lambs. It's so Big and So Beautiful. It's really special to have something like that in our building!