Life From the Window

A week ago Sunday, during the snow storm weekend, Aaron and I awoke before 5 in the morning. The wind had blown all night, and drifted the road in front of our house...very well. The noise of a couple of stuck cars spinning wheels woke us.. Aaron got dressed and headed out in the tractor to help. I woke up Taft, who is such a weather watcher, he dashed up the stairs to look out our bedroom window. And out the door he was to help dad. I woke up Tavin and the two of us watched the action from the window. Not too hard to spot the tractor. When it was light out, I took a couple more photos. Aaron worked on packing the snow down with the tractor, but that ended up making a bumpy -roller coaster ride....and only one lane too.Can you find our mailbox? It wasn't long after this that the snow started up....they even canceled church ! We called the sheriff to report our road problem, but they never did send out any snow plows. So the boys and I would sit looking out the window watching (or out in the yard) ....not much traffic....but what did go through was entertaining! Some would go fast, and they certainly had a rolly-polly ride! Lots would hit their back bumpers. Others slower, almost getting stuck....we even had a pick-up truck that had hay bales in the back drop one because of the bumpy road!This fence is a 6+ footer....Drey is standing on a snow drift. Here is Tavin and Drey flying through the air into the snow drift!
The road in the afternoon.....still has plenty of problems.We have a hill that the boys practiced their snowboarding skills on Taft in Red, then Tilmann in green.