Happy Birthday Tilmann!

Well, Tilmann's birthday was one month and one day ago. Happy 8th birthday Tilmann. Tilmann is 67 lbs. and 51.5 inches tall.

For his birthday party, he was going to watch the Bee Movie in the theater, but someone messed up and the theater was closed*. Since all of Tilmann's friends were already at the theater, they went bowling instead. Tilmann had a lot of fun, and he even won the bowling round!! Then he and his friends went to Daisy's for volcano drinks. Tilmann's favorite part of the day was watching his friends' expressions when the dry ice was put in the pop.

On January 12th, Tilmann was baptized by his father. Uncle Bubba and Grandma Elsie spoke.

* Janice wrote a complaint letter to the theater, and it turns out that there was a problem with the newspaper ad. The advertising manager felt bad so he sent us 10 free tickets!


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Happy VERY late Birthday Tilmann!!! And congratulations on being the bowling champ, and Most Importantly...On being baptized!