Taft's Birthday!!

Taft Paxman Williams turned 13 years old on July 6th. He is now just over 5 foot ( 5' 1/4") and weighs 104 pounds. Taft is strong.... he took a bag of sand out of the car trunk, walking across the carport with it, the bag weighed 100 pounds, almost as much as he does!

For his birthday, which has become a tradition, we went camping. The above photo is from camping, he is eating his blond brownie...which was close enough to a birthday cake!

This year he has learned to bale, using the equipment to run the one ton baler. Aaron says he does a better job than the hired man....Taft watches behind him, having less broken bale problems. He also understands where to drop off the bales, making it easier for his dad when he picks them up and stacks them.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Happy Belated Birthday Taft!!!!