Snake River Celebration

As part of the celebration of Taft's birthday, our whole family went on boat trip down the Snake River. The adults in our family went on the same trip a couple weeks ago, check older post for scenery photos. Here Taft is trying his hand with fishing, which a couple of them did, without luck. One of the high lights of the trip was watching some of the jumpers off the bridge. Sometimes they land in the water, thus the reason for the boat near by. Other wise they land in a flat area behind the clump of trees. There were two jumpers that night, who jumped twice.Tilmann & Taft are looking at a hole in the rock forms. There are a few of these, which happens with the strong currents over time, and smaller rocks in the hole moving around. Often the holes are perfectly round. It is beautiful down in the canyon, peaceful on the water...and a great place to eat. We were grateful for the Jensen's (our potato farmer) to take our family on a boat ride.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Looks like fun!!! We love going out boating!