Okay, I know that this is way overdue and happened ages ago, but at least I finally am getting to writing about it. Filer's prom was last Saturday. I was on the prom committee, and that part of prom I thoroughly did not enjoy. We spent hours getting everything ready, but it really did look awesome. The theme was A Night in Paris, complete with an Eiffel Tower, outdoor cafe, starry sky, two car-loads of flowers, etc. Here is a picture of the gym about half-way decorated:The actual day of prom was much better. I went with Andy R., and just in case you didn't know (and are just insanely curious about his parents), his father is my bishop and employer, and his mother is my seminary teacher. So umm...lots of connections. Andy came over to my house in the morning and we, along with all of my brothers, went fishing in our pond. I didn't fish much (not one of my skills), but it was actually really fun just to watch them catch fish. We were fishing for about 2 hours, and all together we caught 21 fish. Pretty good, eh? They were pulling fish out of the water left and right, so it wasn't boring at all to just watch. I did catch one fish, but Andy did the casting, so I'm not sure if it is technically 'my fish.' We also had a little picnic by the pond, and, even though it was a little cold, everything went très well. Here is a picture of Drey and Taft fishing, Tavin standing around watching, Andy putting on a lure for Tilmann, and Tilmann watching and waiting:
After that the boys dealt with their fish and I went to town. I got my hair done by Amber at Master Educators. She was awesome and I totally recommend her. And here she is (yes, we brought our camera there):Then we went to Macy's to get my makeup done. The girl who was supposed to do it was sick, so I had to wait forever for another girl, but since it is free, I can't complain too much. The end result was pretty good.
Okay, then Andy picked me up, Mom and his sister took a lot of pictures, etc., and then we went to Tomatoes with Brittany (his sister) and her boyfriend.
And then to the high school. Each couple was announce individually (which took about an hour), and each girl was given a rose with a Eiffel Tower key chain attached. The key chains were authentic: the travel club bought them during their trip to France this spring break. A nice touch, thanks to the prom committee (and travel club)!
Here's the entrance to the cafe:
And here is Jill, Andy, Brittany, and me. Andy and I stayed at the school for a while, and then we went to his house and watched Night in the Museum. And then I went home. And I am really tired of typing and thinking of things to write. I hoped you enjoyed my prom story.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    What a fun day/evening. Your dress and hair and make-up looks perfect and it looks like you had a lot of fun. Hmmm, Andy looks so much older since the last time I saw him...pretty cute too...definitely not a bad CATCH! (even if you don't like fishing:)