Broken or Not?

Two weeks ago Tavin was hit in the nose with a soft ball (accident, Taft) it bled nicely. Swollen and changing colors added to our thoughts that it was broken....but then what? Seeking medical advice, we were told that he needed to have his nose x-rayed, for if it is out of aliment, he will have sinus problems as he gets older. We went to the doctors, not our usual doctor to do so.

Tavin on the x-ray table, the x-ray plates are under the table. When we returned after the x-rays, and sat and waited, the doctor couldn't find them on the computer.....and went to check on why. After waiting longer, we found that the x-ray person had put them under the wrong name.

Finally we get to see them, but as you can tell from the above photo, Tavin's head is tilted. The doctor wasn't sure if it was broken or not! She'd have a specialist take a look and give us a call. I'm thinking we've been here for hours, go get the specialist so we can go home with knowledge. But this event was happening on a day when I had planned a dinner with company, 8 extra...thankfully with the cool weather I planned turkey and already had it cooking in the oven at home! To end the story, I'm still not convinced. I had to call, there was a note in his file that said it wasn't broken. Yet, for days the end of his nose was numb.


  1. grandma carole said...

    I have just one comment. I'd hate to see your doctor bill for the past 6 months. Ugh!!!