Idaho History Field Trip

This is Tavin's fourth grade class....yes only 10 kids! From left to right; Alfonso, Daisy, Raquel, Thomas, Flavio, Kaden, Michael (back), Jacob, Tony and my personal favorite, Tavin.

We took a bus, along with a Twin Falls school, (Perrine), who had 23 4th graders on an Idaho History Field Trip. Three years ago, Aaron and I both went on this trip with Taft as chaperons. The kids in Tavin's class were much better then the group Taft had, making less work for the chaperons. The bus we all rode was not a school bus, but like a greyhound bus, two comfortable seats in each row, over head tote area, and of course the favorite of the kids, T.V. sets so they could watch videos. I was thankful for the air conditioner. I sat peacefully hand sewing on some primitive rabbits.Standing next to Tavin is an Indian called 'Big Foot', threat to many in the early days....he was 6 foot 8 inches. This statue is at Parma, where the Old Fort Boise is located.

Here we have 'tired boy' along with the pioneer ox and wagon team. Yes, they look real, because I think they are, but not alive. This is in Baker City, at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. They work hard at this museum to make history come alive. A VERY nice place to stop and visit.
Here we have Buffalo Boy with his finger in a rather large nose

There is a new room at the Interpretive Center, working on a kid level. You can fill your own pioneer wagon, play puppet shows, but our favorite was the dressing up part. The photo above is of the only two girls in the class, the ones that I was chaperon over- Raquel & Daisy, don't they look sweet?
I like this one of Tavin. He'd make a good pioneer. After this stop we hit Baker City and went out for Pizza!
The evening isn't over yet! Even if we've been on the bus since 6:00 a.m. After dinner we went to the Baker City Museum, which is my personal favorite stop. It once was a swimming pool, with a ball room upstairs, so it is huge & filled with wonder. Above the kids are in front of an old stage coach.
Alfonso & Tavin in front of an old store display....I like the bottles. Tavin on the other hand is more interested in what lays ahead.
I am not really sure what this is called, but it works with mining gold. Baker City was built as a gold mining town...use to be the third largest city in Oregon, till the gold ran out. Because of it's past history, the movie 'Paint Your Wagon' with Clint Eastwood was filmed there.

Now that it is dark out, we can take the kids to the motel, and call it a day.
6:00 a.m. and we are back on the bus. This stop took a few hours (some slept) over to the Melba, Idaho area to park called- Celebration Park, Idaho's first Archaeological Park. Here they learned about the Paleolithic and Archaic lifeways, even saw bones from woolly mammoths. Anyhow the above is learning how to hunt, with a atlatl, and throwing a dart. They call them darts because they don't come from a bow. The wood handle part you hang on to, as your dart goes flying towards the target.
Here is Alfonso, so you can see better the targets, and understand the work it is to hit them! This stop has a lot to see, but it is much better when it's not 90 lacks trees. They also have archaeological digs going on with college students, and a few painters painting the river and old railroad/mining bridge. We ate lunch, the kind that the school lunch program provides.
Tavin is getting hot and tired (and thrilled to pose for another photo) The park is known for its Petroglyphs, ranging from 100 to 10,000 years of age. 15,000 years ago tons of boulders were deposited during the Bonneville Flood. It is a hillside of huge rocks! Paleo-Indians used this area for winter hunting camps, for it is warmer and by a river. I took a photo by this rock, for you can easily see the design of lizards, the rest of it might just as well be guess work. There is much work on many boulders, some with astronomical correlations, animals, bugs etc. Interesting, and real history.

Off on the bus again, as we head off to Bruneau Sand Dunes, (see next post) We made it home at 7:30....for a nice shower & bed!