Birthday Boy- Tavin!

This is the Birthday Boy, Tavin who now is Ten Years Old! (May 20th) He weighs 75 pounds and is 4 foot 71/2 inches tall. His favorite birthday present was his sleeping bag. Silly String, don't you love it? Personally it's a mess!

We didn't have a birthday party with his friends at the house this year, so I tried to do something extra fun at school. I taught them how to do a three-legged potato sack race. Oh not just get up and go, but where your hands should be, how to count with your partner etc. It took quite a few races before they got it down. Now they will be ready for the relays on the last day of school. Of course they needed to race on their own too. Tavin is in the black shirt, front and center. No, we didn't do cupcakes....but treat bags!


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    I never realized it until today...greg's little sister Joelle's birthday is May 20th too...and she also just turned 10!!! kindof funny!