Happy Birthday Pt. A

Today is the priority deadline for fall 2008 at BYU, so late last night I finished and submitted the rest of my application.

This morning at 12:05 am I got an e-mail saying BYU has received my completed application and I would receive my admittance decision within 4 weeks. At 12:13 am, I received an e-mail saying that a decision had been reached! And I'm in!!!!

(Yes, I think this falls under the category of bragging, but Mom said it was okay, so pretend she is saying all this, not me.)

Isn't this a great birthday present!?!


  1. Ben and Joey said...

    Dear Tearsa,

    Congratulations on your successful application to BYU and pending scholarship! We are all very impressed with your efforts and success.

    Have a wonderful birthday! Eighteen is the beginning of so many exciting things in life!!

    Best wishes from all the Greene's!


  2. enussbaum said...

    Yes, what a WONDERFUL birthday present!!  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday Tearsa!
    Congratulations on BYU and sounds like a pending Scholarship. You have worked very hard for this. Keep up the hard work :-)
    your blog looks great - love checking your food one. You have a lot of talent!
    Hugs, Renee (Bruneau) Colleran  

  4. Carrie Leigh Williams said...

    Tearsa you are AMAZING. I am so way proud of you. Way to go. We always knew you were the smart one of the family.Your exceptance letter was a great B-day present. Happy B-DAY.