is like a really cool online radio.

you can listen on the website, but i prefer using the downloadable player.

to get started, all you do is type in an artist name, and it automatically plays songs by that artist and similar musicians. if you don't like the song you can skip it or ban it. or you can "love it" and/or add it to your playlist.

why i really like this - is like a great musical discovery center. most of the songs and artists i listen to i have never heard (heard of) before. i like expanding my listening selection, and does all the work for me. also, when is playing a song, it shows a brief biography of the artist. i love learning about who i am listening to. it makes it much more personal, which i think enhances the music.

plus, when you listen online like this, it is totally legal and costs nothing. which appeals to me very much.


  1. enussbaum said...

    I used for a while..
    but it really slowed down my mac. It was great, but in the end not so great (for me).