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Okay, here it is! Our first installment. We left on July 24th, leaving our husband/father at home. Our first stop was at the Twin Falls DMV to get new license plates! Nothing like extra delays :-). Here's Taft & Drey working their quickest:This year instead of going directly to Whidbey Island, WA, we made a little detour to Grey's Harbor, WA. (Janice and her bros and parents use to go camping here when they were younger. )Grandma/Mom Bruneau met us there in her RV. We stayed there until Friday, and camped in two different campsites. Here is a picture of Tavin, Drey, and Taft sitting around, staring at the fire:At one of the campsites there was a playground with this really cool digging 'machine' that Til and the other boys enjoyed:One of the attractions of Grey's Harbor is the lighthouse. If you have bought postage stamps recently, you may have noticed that this lighthouse is included in the lighthouses stamp series! It's also one of the tallest lighthouses on the West coast:
Here's Drey on the stairs going up the lighthouse:
Here are the boys on a dock, walking around, looking at boats, etc:
Tilmann on the dock:
The boys weren't just looking at the boats, they also had to push them, hang on ropes, and do other mischievous things:
Her is Drey and Tavin running down the dock, scaring seagulls. Feel free to click picture to see bigger:Another neat thing about Grey's Harbor is they have cranberry bogs! Here is an old house with a cranberry field in the foreground:
And here are the cranberry plants up close (they aren't ripe yet; that's why they're green):
And here's a single cranberry:
And yet another great thing about Grey's Harbor is the beaches. The waves here are much bigger than in Whidbey Island, so it was new and exciting to play in the waves:More water & waves:
You can drive your car on this beach! Drey is driving:Grandma Bruneau and Sam-Sam:Super Drey with a skim board:
It was really fun to just jump in the waves:
Here's Taft with his sweet skim board moves:
Drey and seagulls, by Janice:There was this building that had one side with people painted on it. Janice wanted a picture with her sons mingling with the paint people, and here's what she got:
Well, there's the highlights of that chunk of our vacation. More to come!
by Tearsa


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Fun pictures!! It looks like you guys had a great time. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from your vacation!  

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